IMG_0396“I Could live under these lights. Do you think that is possible? – J.R.

“For me it is like there are no words to describe this meditation. I think of the word renew or refresh my entire being. Or to surrender and feel renewed. To rekindle trust and feel folded in Love. – R.H.

“I couldn’t wait to get here. I had such a wonderful experience. The time goes by so fast. There is so much Love. – B.B.

“What a beautiful video of the healing space you both have created. I can feel the spiritual energy just from the video.” – A.G.

IMG_0423“I think the site is just beautiful, just like the sanctuary. What joy and love you bring to the world helping all of us feel our connection to each other and the universe. You can see the love and energy coming right through the screen.” – J.A.

“Those writings combined with that lovely, healing music makes the whole experience sacred and divine and I really did not want to leave.” – B.P.

“I could write a book on what just happened. It’s this energy. It opens the heart to forgiveness. Wow this is so beautiful.” – P.G.

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